Contemporary Youth Culture

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Contemporary Youth Culture

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Contemporary Youth Culture
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Contemporary Youth Culture
Cults groups and associations, especially among the youth are thriving in modern society. As opposed to the past whereby overt street and stranger recruitment were widespread, many cults today utilize professional associations, the internet, institutional organization, and seminars to enroll people (Woollett, 2018). Cults entail groups displaying a combination of various qualities related to mind-altering practices, exploitation of members, charismatic leaders, sexual, and economic control.
The modern-day cult craze is hard to understand. In some ways, it appears as an extension of enthusiasm for the things that people adore. Woollett (2018) asserts that people adopt alternative lifestyles cope up with societal frustrations such as the growing anxieties regarding climate change. The current popularity linked to cult stories shows that the society should also emphasize the civilization of admirers as opposed to the negative aspects of mayhem and crazy-charismatic leaders.
While cults are dangerous, they entail a few valuable aspects that could affect adolescents positively. It is worth to note that some ex-cult members claim that their lives improved significantly after joining these groups (Woollett, 2018). Some of these groups strive to improve the welfare of their members by helping them accumulate assets.
Cults are bad for children and adolescents as they c…

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