Conservatism in America

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Conservatism in America

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Conservatism in America
Conservatism is a socio-political philosophy which believes in retention of traditional social institutions, in a cultural framework, and acts with a cautious and moderate approach. Conservatives are not orthodox because they believe in changes, but slow and steady dynamism, rather than huge radical leaps and bounds. They believe in continuity and stability. Hence they are traditionalists, but with an open end system of modernism and liberalism. They are right wing people as opposed to leftists. Conservatism is more an attitude than philosophy; it is a deliberate long-term functioning of preserving and promoting a free society to develop human nature to its fullest.
Conservatism of USA in 1980s was the Reagan era, when Ronald Regan was holding the office of President. He was an iconic figure, because he brought changes into US politics, propelling the success of the Republican Party. He integrated economics conservatives, who strengthened his supply side economics. His foreign policy conservatives were with him all throughout, with his opposition stand for Communism and Soviet Union, and his social conservatives who supported his religious and social ideals. The conservatives supported the Regan Doctrine, which involved providing military strength against Soviet Union combat. According to the Conservatives, he won the Cold War, but he was labeled a warmonger by liberals. According to Regan at…

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