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Institutional Affiliation: CONPLAN, NIMS and ICS
CONPLAN denotes federal departments and agencies that tend to work for a common purpose.CONPLAN plays an important role in assisting other agencies to learn how to deal with crisis management such as terrorist attack. In essence, CONPLAN’s aim is to implement plans to ensure there is an effective response in case of a terrorist attack. As a federal participant, CONPLAN forms part of the six key departments and agencies that are listed in PDD-39. On another note, CONPLAN has been established to ensure that there is an effective federal response in case of terror threats that are seen to pose a danger to the United States national security. COPLAN was formed as a result of a concerted effort of six principal departments and agencies tasked with the responsibilities stipulated in PDD/NSC-39. The other important role taken by CONPLAN involves the development of concept guidance that is necessary to monitor an imminent threat, and notifying the appropriate federal authorities (Regen, 2003).
Conversely, NIMS refers to a nationwide model that is developed to enable both public and private organizations to work in unison in the case of a domestic incident. Also, NIMS has established a national framework that enables both public and private entities to work together in terms of managing domestic incidents. ICS on its part is a concept for incident management. ICS forms part of NIMS, and it is an incid…

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