Concept Map Discrimination Chatman

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Concept Map Discrimination Chatman

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Employment Law
Fall 2018 (online)
Concept Map
Discrimination in the Workplace
Objective: (1) Apply the Disparate Treatment Prima Facie test to a hypothetical set of facts; (2) Analyze a hypothetical situation to determine if discrimination in the workplace may exist.
Instructions:Work through the given hypothetical to determine the employment status of the individual. On the vertical lines, indicate the test criteria (here, the Prima Facie test outlined in the “Disparate Treatment in Hiring” box, page 78 of the textbook). On the horizontal lines, apply the facts to that criteria. (You may not have something on EVERY line.) After applying the facts to the criteria, make your determination: Did the plaintiff establish a prima facie case for discrimination in the workplace? (Make sure to watch the Concept Map demonstration video available on Canvas.)
Hypothetical (CHATTMAN):
Chattman, a good 20-year employee of Toho Tenax America who was African-American, was fired after an incident of horseplay at work. Horseplay was a common occurrence in that department. Chattman, who had worked as a shipping coordinator, alleged that his immediate supervisor, Tullock, a Caucasian who was Human Resources Director at the plant, harbored a racial bias against African-Americans, including Chattman. It was Tullock who recommended to upper management that Chattman be fired after the incident of horseplay. Chattman was issued a final warning for one year, during which time he was n…

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