Comparing Leaders and Managers

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Comparing Leaders and Managers

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Comparing Leaders and Managers
Leadership and management differ in their functions and processes. According to Bertocci, the role of a manager is to design and maintain an effective organizational structure and process (11). A manager also attends to personal issues, prepares and implements the budget, and monitors work input and output. On the other hand, leaders set the vision for an organization by addressing change and determining its future. Second, the managerial and leadership processes differ. Managers have to plan, organize, and budget for activities that their subordinates should accomplish. On the contrary, leaders visualize an idea and convince their followers to implement it by empowering and motivating them. Notably, managers instruct their juniors while leaders introduce a concept and give followers the freedom to accept or reject it. Lastly, managers determine the effectiveness of their team by measuring their performance against the established plan. On the contrary, leaders motivate their group through mentorship and coaching as a way of improving their performance (Bertocci 12).
A leader should develop competency in technical, human relations, and conceptual skills. Leaders should be factual and knowledgeable to convince their followers. They should be emotionally intelligent, resolve conflicts successfully, create professional and social links, and establish a positive working relationsh…

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