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Compare two poems

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True Love Vs. Puppy Love: A Closer Look to Poe and Teasdale’s Poems
Annabel Lee (Poem A) is a classic poem written by Edgar Allan Poe that talked about the fate of a man who lost his beautiful lover. On the other hand, The Look (Poem B) was a short poem written by Sarah Teasdale that talked about her short-lived relationships with different men. While both poems implied that their speakers were youth, Poem A and B diverged in the context and definition of love. This paper ascertains that Poem A represents best the meaning of “true love” while Poem B can be seen as an example of “puppy love”.
The overarching theme of both poems is “youthfulness”, due to the context when the speakers experienced love. Poem A explicitly implied in the poem that he experienced love when he was in the youth stage. For instance, in line 7, the speaker mentioned that I was a child and she was a child. Meanwhile, Poem B did not directly imply that the speaker was in her youth stage. However, observing the behavior of the speaker who had relationships with Strephon, Robin, and Collin in very short intervals, suggests that the woman is not yet matured enough to handle serious relationship. Thus, the reader concluded that the speaker is indeed in her youth age.
The authors of both poems stressed “youthfulness” in the theme of the poem, because this is really the stage where we usually experience our first encounter with “love”. However, Poem…

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