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Christianity versus Judaism
Theologians believe that Christianity sprouted from Judaism, after the great revolt of 70 CE. During the revolution, some Jewish sects evanesced, and Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism emerged as two separate religions. However, Christians consider themselves as a distinct religion, rather than a descent of Judaism. While both Christianity and Judaism have the same conception of the nature of God, their practices of faith and divinity differ significantly.
Both Christianity and Judaism believe in monotheism. Chang (18) describes monotheism as the belief in one true God. The belief in one supreme, indivisible and incomparable being is central to both Christianity and Judaism. The two believe that God shares unique and inherent qualities and reject the idea that he is entirely transcendent. Thus, both Christianity and Judaism have the same of the nature of God.
Christianity and Judaism have different practices of faith. Whereas Christians believe that they inherited a sinful nature from their ancestors, Adam and Eve, Judaism rejects the concept of original sin. Furthermore, Christians pray to God through Jesus Christ, while Judaists seek forgiveness from God through prayers and repentance, without an intermediary. Moreover, Christian teaching emphasizes life after death, while the latter does not. Therefore, the two have significant differences in the way they practice their faith.

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