compare and contrast the two stories

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compare and contrast the two stories

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Comparison and Contrast Essay
In this paper, the focus will be on the “Escape from Spiderhead” and “Puppy.” The named excerpts are writings by George Saunders to The New Yorker. In these papers, Saunders has discussed several issues that affect the society or rather matters that people live with within the society. The paper will engage these writings by offering a comparison on the matters in the same papers as well as providing a contrast to the concepts of the writings. The paper will, therefore, proceed by introducing the excerpts of concern and then proceed to discuss the similarities present in the texts as well as the differences that are evident. In that light, the succeeding section will then focus on drawing a conclusion to the subject matter. The significance of these discussions will be to determine the themes that the writer, George Saunders has presented in his writings and how similar he has given the same and taking note of the differences that exist in his discussions of the same themes (Saunders 1).
In analyzing the two pieces of work by Saunders, several similarities can be attested to exist in the excerpts. At first, there is a similar style of introduction in the two pieces of works. The writer introduces his works through uncertainties or rather put there is a lack of clarity to the reader of the texts, at first, encounter. When reading the beginning of the two excerpts, it uncle…

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