Compare and contracts

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Compare and contracts

Category: Reflective Essay

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English 101
We all have ambitions and by having dreams we strive to achieve our goals. Whatever we desire gives us the motivation to make a difference in our lives or more so change the society for the better of every life. Dreams are valid and to live you should dream because that is the source of hope and success. The level of prosperity and victory will depend on what dream we have, real visions will always translate into success and an active living but with nightmares as your dreams, failure is inevitable. In “I Too” the poet sees a better tomorrow where there is no racism, and all people are given a chance to do whatever they wish in the society but in the “Dreams Deferred” there are consequences if you do not act to achieve your heart’s desires.
Hughes was writing about the American Segregation where racism was rampant, and Blacks were viewed as ordinary beings that should not be allowed to live or work as the Whites did. Blacks were to perform odd jobs that involved slavery and hard labor, and they were to view their masters with dignity. In “I Too” due to their complexion, Blacks could not share meals at the company table, and they were to eat in the kitchen. This separation did not prevent them from dreaming of a batter tomorrow where they could have meals on the same table as the company. Blacks had a dream to lead and do great things and no matter the separation they kept their thoughts validly. Blacks believed in …

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