Comparative Analysis

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Comparative Analysis

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Comparative Analysis
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Comparative Analysis
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Thesis Statement
Although the two poems ‘The Whipping’ and ‘Little Boy Crying’ exhibit differences with regard to themes, the structure as well as tone, they both have similarities in the use of metaphors, enjambment, and imagery to illustrate how children respond to severe punishment. The use of enjambment is applied to show the relentless nature of beating itself as a punishment. In ‘The Whipping’ the persona says ‘she strikes and strikes the shrilly circling boy till the stick breaks in her hand. His tears are rainy weather to wound like memories.’ These thoughts continue past the end of the line and end in the middle of another line, an aspect of enjambment. Metaphor in the whipping is shown when the boys’ tears are compared to rainy weather. The use of imagery in ‘Little Boy Crying’ is depicted in the poem in the line ‘You stand there angling for a moment’s hint of guilt or sorrow.’ The word ‘angling’ shows that the boy is not crying genuinely, as such he’s manipulative.
First Body Paragraph
Both the poems ‘Little Boy Crying’ and ‘The Whipping’ show the theme of childhood punishment (child abuse and child discipline) being inflicted upon on children. The poem ‘The Whipping’ uses the metaphor to compare the boy’s tears to rainy weather. This shows the degree…

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