Communication Skills for Professional Accountants

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Communication Skills for Professional Accountants

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Communication Skills for Professional
Compare what you wrote in Week 1 in the Topic Conversation about the importance of communication (particularly writing, listening, and reading) for forensic accountants.  Would you now add anything to that answer? 
I would like to add that the most significant use of accounting data is to communicate meaningfully and easily understood information so as to help the management and other stakeholders to make the right decisions to steer the company in the right direction. Therefore, to be effective and fulfill this need, accounting information should easily make sense to all its users or else it will just be lists of figures without any substantial significance.
What did you learn that is most helpful to you in your coursework and your career?  
The first important thing I learned in this course is peer review. This can be applied in reviewing the work or classmates and colleagues which can be beneficial to both the reviewer and reviewer. Another important thing I learned is the importance of communications skills for the duties of professional accountants in addition to ways of thinking and strategies about communication that can help me in the future both in my career and in my coursework.

What did you not learn that you would have liked to?  
Even though the topic of delivering effective oral presentations right for the intended purpose and audience was covered in this course, I feel that it was briefly covered, and it …

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