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1. There has been a discernible change in { } sports world this year. It would be ideal if you keep on chipping away at these abilities over the summer. You have a splendid future.
2. Much obliged to you for your enthusiasm for { }’s schoolwork this year. With his/her continued zeal, he/she will get much fulfilment from her games work. Keep up! Great work
3. { } is a fine resident and a diligent team player. I have completely delighted in having him in my class this year. Have a magnificent summer.
4. { } has acted pleasantly this year. His/her advancement is stunning. I trust this enthusiasm and attitude will show itself in the following school year.
5. Much obliged to you for your bolster and enthusiasm for our class this year. { } is an extremely hardworking individual. He/she ought to have much accomplishment in his future sports work.
6. Bravo! { }. This has been a successful sports year. { } you have excelled in both sports work and extracurricular activities especially soccer.
7. With { }’s grade this term, he/she will go far in his/her sports life. He has shown excellent results in rugby and tennis as well. Enjoy your holiday
8. { } has been an enthusiastic learner. He has given an eye to sports details and learning skills. Continue with the same spirit.
9. { } has proven to tackle new challenges critically. He is eager with a positive attitude. He was the best in cricket and the best team captain.
10. …

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