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college admission

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College Admission
In my life I have always viewed myself as a hardworking, self-determined, and enthusiastic person, who is keen is achieving positive results and never giving up. These attributes can be attested from my continues hard work and exemplary performance in academics and basketball. Therefore, given the opportunity to be part of the institution I will be an opportunity to develop academically. I have loved basketball and considered this as one of my strengths in evaluating my determination and performance. My really good friend Brett, who was homeschooled played with me and it was then in the summer of 2017 that my parents and I decided to transition from public school to homeschool. My homeschooling has prepared me academically and on an individual level to navigate through various challenges and dynamics.
I always count myself as a determined and a non-quitter in life, and this has given me the spirit to fight and attain greater heights throughout my education process. I can remember one clear incident, I had to sit out for two months because of the homeschool basketball rules, and I was anxious to play but felt like it was a setback. When I was finally able to play, I lost my starting position on the team because they were already four games and won them all. So after coming back from behind was difficult. The starters then started to struggle, and it was my turn to show up. Our team ended up placin…

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