Coffee Consumption

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Coffee Consumption

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Consumption of coffee affects the amount of sleep you get at night.
Coffee contains caffeine which of course is a natural substance hence coffee drinkers do not have to get worried about chemicals. The caffeine in the coffee promotes how alert a person is, and the action of caffeine in the body is a pretty fast one taking a maximum of 1 hour with a half-life of up to 5 hours which means that caffeine will remain in the body for quite a long time. Coffee is not a solution for avoiding sleep; it acts as a depressant by blocking the chemicals necessary for inducing sleep on people (Drake, Christopher, et al. 1195). Its other role is to increase adrenaline on a person hence making the brain stay awake and sharp.
A human brain uses adenosine chemical to induce relaxation and to slow down the body systems and lead the body towards tiredness. The work of caffeine is to stop this process carried out by adenosine. With a single gulp of coffee, the caffeine goes into the stomach and then the small intestine, and afterward it gets absorbed into the bloodstream within the first 15 minutes it gets into the rest of the body (Drake, Christopher, et al. 1197). Then the caffeine stays in the system for almost 6 hours where the liver and the whole body gets rid of the chemical. However, the brain is worked out of the effects of caffeine. Consequently, instead of adenosine chemical building up in the body, it is kept at bay hence a person cannot get tired…

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