Code ofEthics in a PayPal Company

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Code ofEthics in a PayPal Company

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Code of Ethics in a PayPal Company
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A code of ethics refers to principles that govern the behaviour and decision of a company. They give a company an idea of the acceptable acts and choices. They provide an overview of how the employees should behave when tackling issues such as conflicts of interests, harassment and safety. The paper outlines an example of a code of ethics that applies to the PayPal Company. It also explores the effects of the system of ethics on daily operations of the PayPal Company. More so, it explains some costs of compliance and non-compliance with the code of ethics. Finally, the paper illustrates the benefits a company achieves by promoting its values or ethics.
NAR’s Code of Ethics for a PayPal Company
The code as adopted in 1913 ensures that the PayPal Company serves the interests of the clients appropriately. NAR’s Code of Ethics is entirely different from non-member licensees in that they exhibit a voluntary subscription to a strict code of ethics.
Impact of the Code of Ethics on Day-To-Day Operations
The law of ethics leads PayPal’s employees into a right path towards making the correct decision. Most importantly, since all workers and clients come from different cultures, the code of ethics issues a consistent ethical compass that aims at guiding the behaviours of the PayPal employees. Furthermore, the system of ethics provides PayPal employees with essential resources needed to encounte…

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