CNO nursing plan

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CNO nursing plan

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Learning Needs
Learning Goal
Activities And Timeframes
Fall risk intervention and patient assessment My learning goal is to determine the most effective assessment techniques and intervention for fall risk. I will complete this by November 30th.
1. I will review the clinical policies on fall prevention and procedural policies so that I may be aware of the existing organization’s tools which have been put in place to deal with the risk by March 30th.
2. I will conduct a systematic review of current and relevant literature relating to assessment techniques and best management practices.- by June 15th.
3. Under the supervision of registered nurses, I will be placed in the geriatric unit which has a high level of fall risks.- by November 30th. This learning need is critical to competency development as it assists in knowing the best way to deal with fall cases which are prevalent among the patient population (Milos et al. 1). Having this knowledge I will be able to assess, manage and prevent falls through practice and policymaking.
Safe administration of medication i.e high-risk medication Based on the Medication practice standards
My learning goal is to establish the best practices in the administration of high-risk medication. This will be achieved by September 30th. 1. I will review the CNO practice standard focusing on the seven rights of medication administration and venue legislation.- by December 21st
2. I will review the guidelin…

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