Cloning Man’s Best Friend

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Cloning Man’s Best Friend

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Grace is a dedicated Christian, and her decisions are mostly influenced by her faith. To Grace, cloning is immoral because it is associated processes of unnatural forms of procreation. She would convince Jack based on the idea of playing God because it is a process that violates God’s role and will in the world (Best and Douglas, 455).
Ralphy, on the other hand, is scientific and is appreciative of the scientific breakthroughs that help humanity. He would convince Jack of cloning their pet based on the aspect of the ability to have more time with the pet they love so much thanks to the process. It is also a process that enhances the quality of life in the world because of its ability to remove bad traits in organisms, replacing them with good ones (Best and Douglas, 442).
Cloning is a science that is not well understood and explores something higher than what the world understands. Cloning the dog would be a sign of the inability of people to accept death and move on. The pet should not be cloned because the results of the process are unpredictable. There are also unforeseen consequences which people may not be able to predict, and this would make it dangerous. It would disrupt the natural process of procreation and result in the manufacture of organisms (Woodward, 12).
Cloning is a scientific process that results in the development of an organism with a replicated genetics. It means the development of an exact copy. It can be used f…

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