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Classic concert

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Classic Concert
Going to a classic concert of any kind, including music and other concerts of classical nature such as films, gives an experience that is very different from the one a person gets he/she goes to funky concerts or common music including country, rock, hip-hop among others. While several people among the audience are originally timid and hypnotized, they are transfixed and spellbound by the official ecumenical setting of the classic concert. This includes the most direct and simple rules that guide etiquette for such events once one becomes accustomed to them. The feeling of being in attendance at a classic concert oscillate between enjoyment or pure pleasure and disappointment or letdown, depending on an individual perspective and experience. This treatise thus discusses the feeling I have as a person toward classic concert by explicating the experiences I had at my first concert.
First and foremost, I had not planned to go out clubbing immediately after my final paper of my fresher year. I had put everything in check and proper sequence for the night as I just wanted to relax at home and reflect on the semester that has been. I, therefore, escorted Jake my friend to his place and came back to wallow in my small world of meditation. No sooner had I reached my abode and closed the door than Clare, my sanguine friend came requesting that we go to the school graduation arena to watch a classic concert. You see, all along, I had n…

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