civil disobedience

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civil disobedience

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Civil Disobedience
In a world full of racial, social and other forms of injustices, people have a wide range of selections to go against the oppressor, and only few may lurk along the path of non-violent protests to achieve their goals. Martin Luther King is a popular figure who led successful non-violent protests whose impacts are felt up to date (Winston 1). To most, these nonviolent means of civil disobedience may prove futile, but if done with a strategy, they can benefit both the parties.
Civil disobedience does not act within the confines of the law but the people involved must have special justification to engage in it. In the world full of injustice, it is a common thing for the poor, the people of color and the marginalized people to be heavily burdened with issues that jointly benefit only a few in the society. For instance, in the case of climate change, people who own big factories that majorly contribute to the pathetic climate changes may not be in a position to be severely affected by the effects (Cherry 1). The less fortunate, on the other hand, do not have the finances to sue the companies for these pollutions. Engaging in civil disobedience is the only way to voice their concerns.
In addition, civil disobedience is valid for the reasons that people engaging in it do not interfere with other properties. Safety for human properties and life is ensured, and thus when it becomes successful, there is a double success.
Civil disobedience is…

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