Christianity and the Religious Essay

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Christianity and the Religious Essay

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Christianity and the Religious Essay
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The reason why Christians would desire to dialogue with the other spiritual cultures could actually be part of their calling to spread the Gospel. The difference existing between them gives us a clear view that they all have different beliefs and values as dictated by the doctrines. They have different ways of worshiping God, and thus a dialogue would provide that sense of belonging together in peace and harmony despite the differences. This necessitates the learning each other’s positive and spiritual values, understanding one’s own beliefs, and the ability to explore the riches of the respective religious traditions (Dupuis, 2002). Dialogues will also strengthen their religious faith with a sincere heart because Christ is the only way, the Truth, and the Life as clearly stated in the Bible.
There is a different standpoint to what Christians believe and what other traditions believe. Therefore, Christians get to learn that they all worship one God who is revered in all religious cultures. Additionally, there is no human being whose understanding is higher than that of God. Christians also learn that every characteristic of a reality obtains its value through its relationship with God (Dupuis, 2002). The desire to be in a relationship with God is the same, and that spiritual maturation is a life stage that does not just happen once.
Religious experiences could be validating to the other f…

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