Christian Crusades

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Christian Crusades

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IntroductionThe Christian crusades had a number of reasons. Each Christian crusade was formed for different reasons. However, the main reason always surrounded the greater good for Christianity. For instance, when Peter and Gottschalk gathered an army of Christians to attack Jews in the Kingdom of Lorraine, their main justification for their act was to protect Christianity; to protect their faith and all the good in it. All they believed in was the faith of Christianity and the long existence of it. The Jews were enemies to Christianity, and their existence, therefore, threatened Christianity. Therefore, Count Emico and his followers butchered the Jews and left them dead, both men and women together with their children.
The writer, however, criticizes the main reason for the crusades. He argues that if the main reason for the crusades was to protect Christianity by eliminating its enemies, why then would the army of Christians take the money and other properties that belonged to the Jews. This brings out one drawback of the crusades. To some extent, some Christians used the crusades for different reasons. They used it to meet their desires and greed.
Additionally, the historic Christian crusades were organized by pseudo-prophets who deceived Christians by vain preaching. The preaching of these fake preachers was so enormous that it attracted a large crowd of Christians. Not only had the subjects followed t…

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