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Chinatown presents the information about the American dream by Polanski, by clearly showing the futile nature of citizens when they are faced with immeasurable obstacles presented by their environment and leaders alike. Polanski makes use of imagery, dialogue and motifs to bring out Chinatown, which is a place with deep-rooted corruption and deception where leaders who are powerful are able to prevail without problems. In contrast, to such provisions Gittes who is a character is depicted as struggling for the region, a struggle that brings a reality that is bleak to the vision of Polanski.
Current and not-so-current events
Towne clearly based his plot on the Own River Valley in the year 1904 and onwards where William, who was the head of Los Angeles Water Department had a strong believe that the problems that were in the region could be solved easily by the water that was coming from Owen River. The farmers themselves had different ideas of how to use the water and were only waiting for the Reclamation Service to complete their project before they could anticipate what they wanted to do with the water in the river.
Having the information that the farmers could stop the implementation of the project, Eaton and Mulhohalland bribed the agents from the Reclamation Service, and showed them different other plans that were necessary, and started to buy the land and water rights in the Owens Valley region for their per…

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