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child welfare

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Child Welfare
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The welfare of children is universally appreciated by all the cultures and communities throughout the globe. In every society, raising children and preparing the children for adulthood is not just confined to parents alone, rather it is a shared commitment by the entire community. Investments in the well-being of a child by the community are reflected in legal structures, social norms, and cultural mores that sanction intervention in homes where the child is neglected and abused (Fang et al., 2012). The United States has developed strong legal frameworks that value privacy, independence, and parental rights. The right to rear children by families is protected by the nation’s legal frameworks, and it is not limited to any values the families profess. However, the limitation may only exist when there is proof of harm or danger, and the State may then move into a home to protect the child (Hacker, 2002).
The value that the society accords privacy in the United States can be an obstacle to the extent that friends and neighbors are more prone to respecting privacy than interfere in family relationships. Problems confront the efforts in effecting child welfare system from this angle in the United States, as on one hand there exists the need for moral intervention to protect a child, yet the countries legal structures bestow upon parents in the country inalienable rights. Therefore, the drive to imp…

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