child abuse in chicago

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child abuse in chicago

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Child abuse in Chicago
According to federal law, ill-treatment of children is any act or any failure to act on the side of the parent or the caretaker of the child that quickly results in the death, fierce emotional or physical harm, or sexual and abuse exploitation of the child. In that such acts or failure to act on the parents exposes the child to higher risks of severe harm this has been explained by Connor, 1960. The definition stresses on the neglect on the part of the parents and the caregivers and the child that is supposed to be protected against the abuse refer any person who has not attained the age of 18 years.
Ill-treatment of children and maltreatment do lay the grounds and become the reason for a large percent of all types of crime in future at the same time being one of the cruelest and brutal crimes among the ones that we know. According to the statistics, children who experience child abuse are more likely to commit crime or to be arrested as an adult as well as they are more liable to commit the violent crime in future than children who have never been exposed to this kind of interaction.
Child abuse occurs in a variety of ways for several reasons. The most common types of child abuse are and are not limited to; Emotional Abuse, Neglect, Sexual abuse, physical abuse, Family violence and arranged sexual abuse.
There exist differences between Disc…

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