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Chernobyl Disaster
The Chernobyl disaster refers to a catastrophic nuclear accident that took place in April 1986. The accident is named after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The disaster is actually attributed to operators who ran the plant at a lower power than the recommended (Chernobyl Accident par.2). The operators also disregarded safety precautions, they had poor coordination and were barely in any communication with the safety personnel.
Other than the flaws in operation, the design of the Soviet reactor was equally flawed. The reactors were pressurized water reactors that could produce both electric and plutonium power. The reactors were quite “different from standard commercial designs, employing a unique combination of a graphite moderator and water coolant.” Low power, led to an accelerated and uncontrollable chain reaction resulting in an increased power output. These factors combined led to a huge power surge and the destruction of the Chernobyl 4 power plant (Nuclear Energy Institute par.3).
The consequences of the accident were grave. This is because, within just three months, it led to the death of operators and firefighters. Besides, the disaster led to the destruction of the Chernobyl 4 reactor and caused further deaths even after the accident. The accident also led to the exposure of radioactive elements to the environment (Nuclear Energy Institute par.4). In an attempt to control the radia…

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