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Chemical Engineering Coursework

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Community Risk Mitigation Measures
Columbia Southern University

Community Risk Mitigation Measures
Fire outbreaks are much destructive since they lead to loss of properties and life. The victims may get traumatized, disabled or even death. In the highly dense areas, the fire risks are higher due to the daily activities people do engage in their daily activities (Thompson et al., 2014).
Areas surrounded by petroleum, gas, and power plants are at higher risks than all others, due to the presence of highly flammable substances and their conduits and pipes. This study is aimed at identifying the mitigation and prevention measure of fire disasters, and how they can be used in community protection.
A case is in the Garden Creek gas compression plant is prone to the risk of exploding where its effects can be experienced in at a wide area (Thompson et al., 2014). It is due to a chain of reactions that take place in the plant.
A gas plant is under construction within a distance of a quarter mile from Garden Creek gas compression plant. It poses a risk to the occupant of the area of the McKenzie County.
Presence of gas pipelines running beneath or near the residential area is risky since in case of leakage the gas may be ignited and extensive damage.
Another possible hazardous case is where the gas facilities and conduction pipelines are not well protected to restrict from interference from unauthorized people.
The fire disasters are capable of affecting everyon…

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