Cheating Your Way Through Exams: Best Tricks

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Cheating Your Way Through Exams: Best Tricks

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Cheating In Exams
Best Tricks that Can Assist One Cheat His Way through Exams
It is always an open secret that it is arduous for someone dishonest in their exams to succeed in life. Despite there being beforehand cases of failure in life, a majority are not yet convinced that cheating is a malpractice that has far-reaching consequences in one’s prospective years. Indeed, a sizeable number of students have gone to the extent of devising ways that that they can avoid the whole process of learning in totality. There have invented a mind blowing through which this scholarly misconduct thrives, some of which are discussed here. They include:
Bottle Exam Cheating
Exam cheating is customary especially in cases whereby students are allowed to carry food, as well as drinks, with them in exam centers. Here, students remove labels that stick in the bottles or food containers so as to enable them write notes on the exposed clear and blank surface left after scrapping the labels. Subsequently, they stick it back temporarily only to remove it whenever they intend making clarifications during exam time. Nevertheless, prolonged gazing or frequent using of such containers may raise suspicion among the examiners; therefore, ones must be cautious.
Nail Cheating
The method is common among female students as they can be able to write miniature words on their ‘ever long’ nails. However, the method is usually a difficult undertaking as a stu…

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