Changing Our Lives” Thesis Statement

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Changing Our Lives” Thesis Statement

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“Changing Our Lives” Thesis Statement
As a successful high school graduate, there is an increased need for attending college to further my studies. I decided to go to college at this point in my life because of the positive benefits it will impact in my life. Attending college at this point will offer me an opportunity of completing all the required courses in line with my career requirements. I aspire to become a financial advisor in future. Incidentally, after graduation, I will have diversified career options and improved chance of securing a job in the labor market. In other words, I will have a better chance of advancing further in my career field meaning changing my life for the better by becoming independent.
Going to college offers a networking opportunity. Factually, I will enhance my social skills and expound on my extra-curricular activities. A College offers a chance of meeting new people and enhancing communication skills. It is a fact that students attending colleges are from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, interacting with the students calls for self-discipline by minding my communication skills and learning how to communicate with people from different cultures. The exposure prepares me for my future career life as the workplace is always composed of employees with different cultural backgrounds as well.
Attending college will also offer me a chance of enjoying a better standard of living through improved healt…

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