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Change in Americas Best Sport

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Dealing with Concussion in football
To: The Sports Director
Date: 17th December 2015
Re: Dealing with Concussion in football
It is beyond reasonable doubt that sports are a great way for students to stay healthy while learning important team building skills. However there are risks to pushing the limits of speed, skills and endurance and those athletes who push the limits sometimes do not recognize their limitations especially when they have a concussion. Any slight distortion such as a blow or a jolt to the head can cause a concussion. Any blow to the body against a hard object with high pressure can adversely affect the brain and skull due to the unusual movements (, 2015).
In sports, it is hard not to incur an injury while on the field, and it is our responsibility as an institution to make sure that our athletes are well taken care of, and there are minimal injuries in our sports department. All cautionary mechanisms need to be put in place to ensure that students understand the importance of sports as a recreational activity and not a place where futures are lost. Due to many cases of off the pitch and on the pitch injuries that were reported on the majority of our players, some preventive measures have been proposed to curb the increased injuries and improve safety on our players.
During the game, it is normally difficult to prevent an occurrence of concussions thus the best measure to be adopted is to devise the…

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