Challenges of Unit Planning

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Challenges of Unit Planning

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Challenges of Unit Planning
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Challenges of Unit Planning
Since rational thinking emerged, human beings have been planning in one way or another. In education for a formalized way of doing things, a plan has to be drawn to guide teachers when they are teaching. Most challenging aspects of unit planning have a direct impact on formative assessment practices. But unit planning is not as simple as people may think. Some of the challenges which are faced when it comes to unit planning are: differentiating instruction, engagement, time management, alignment of learning objectives and content coverage (Stevenson et al., 2007).
One of the challenges of unit planning is designing and aligning, by developing appropriate assessments and making sure that learning activities are in line with the objectives of where the learning is headed. When the targets of education are set, it will help the teachers and learners towards achieving the goal rather than worry about the challenges (Arends, 2014). When a lot of focus is set on learning and its outcomes then the activities which are planned tend to support the learning process.
Another challenge of unit planning is differentiating instruction. Some of the aspects of distinguishing, involves content, product, process, resources, and environment. When it comes to content, we can say that how your method of teaching is pre-assessed. This way what is to be thought is differentiated (Seagren,…

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