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In your opinion, write why is it so important to know cerebrum functions, blood flow, and structures?
The cerebrum is a vital and the largest part of the brain and performs crucial functions in human bodies. Furthermore, for a human being to remain healthy the brain must have a continuous flow of blood; this ensures that it receives enough glucose and oxygen. If the brain does not have sufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen, a majority of its functions are impaired. Therefore, I think it is important for one to know about different parts of cerebrum and blood flow since they regulate most of the mind and body functions. Evidently, the cerebrum performs much of the brain functions including consciousness (Dewey, 2013). For one to understand what makes the brain more efficient, it is crucial to know about cerebrum structures and their functions, as well as, cerebral circulation. Impairment of these functions can cause brain dysfunction which affects real-life functions.
Do you think every client with a frontal injury or a R MCA CVA will look the same?
Why or why not?
In my view, every patient with a frontal injury or CMA-CVA will look the same. The reason for this is that the frontal lobe, as well as, the Middle cerebral artery (MCA) performs similar functions in all individuals. Therefore, any interruption of their functions as a result of damage or an accident will disrupt normal body functioning, and hence the affected persons…

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