cerebellum and basal ganglia

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cerebellum and basal ganglia

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Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia
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How do the cerebellum and basal ganglia effect movement?
The basal ganglia denote a system that allows the body to move only when necessary. A stimulus is always sent to the thalamus whenever a body muscle is about to move. The thalamus then sends these impulses to the motor cortex because it is the only link for communicating with the body muscles. In the quest to avoid over-excitation of the thalamus, the nuclei of the basal ganglia help to control the signals that are sent to the mortal cortex (Khan Academy, 2015). This means that the cortex will coordinate the body muscle to make the necessary moves and also avoids other body muscles from moving.
The cerebellum, on the other hand, is mandated with the role of coordinating movement. The cerebellum receives the motor plan regarding which muscles are supposed to move, by which intensity, the rate of expansion and contraction and the overall time span (Khan Academy, 2014). It also receives position sense information through receptors and other sensory neurons to determine which part of the body will move. The primary motive is to determine whether the movement will be executed as planned or whether there will be any alterations. The cerebellum gives feedback which in the long run helps the motor cortex to make smooth and accurate movements.
Which kinds of disorders may present with injuries here?
Two types of movement disorder may cause injury t…

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