causes of depression in teens

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causes of depression in teens

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Causes of Depression in Teens
Depression is a common mental health illness that has rooted in developed and underdeveloped societies during the last three decades. It is a condition that involves alteration of psychic and physical conditions of persons. It is well evident that depression can occur at any age and it has more serious consequences on the lives of adolescents. Teen depression affects the way in which teen feels, thinks, and behaves in life. It can lead towards severe emotional dysfunction along with physical problems as well. Depression in teens has different potential effects that can include psychological, genetic and environmental factors associated with it.
One of the major causes of teen depression is of different stresses at school. It can be student’s bad grade and even, it can be pressure of parents for becoming an achiever. This peer pressure can also damage students’ social life and on mental health. Some children might be doing their best in school and sometimes, there are special needs for students that need to be addressed by school teachers and parents. As a result of it, the child does not share its feelings and emotions with their parents and it can also lead towards more serious impacts in life, like teenage suicides. Becoming a part of solving their problem and communicating with teenagers can help in reducing the problem to a much greater extent. If the student is not per…

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