Case Study and Observational Study

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Case Study and Observational Study

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Case Study and Observational Study
The aim of the research methods is collecting information and data to make accurate decisions on a given topic. That way, to correctly interpret and analyze a series of data, a set of methods can be deployed to deepen the researcher’s knowledge and command of a theme. It is feasible to say that the primary goal of the research methods is producing new knowledge, or increase what it is known of any researchable topic. Strictly speaking, knowledge about methodology will give researchers a framework to place their investigation.
This essay intends to compare and understand two different research methods, assessing on their differences; likenesses, and their potential uses in research.
Case Study Method
A case study method is best defined as “an intensive study of a single unit with an aim to generalize across a larger set of units.” (Gerring 1). The case study is not itself a research method. Instead, it is a selection of data and analysis that allows investigators to generate adequate material to reach a conclusion. For instance, a case study can be formed by both quantitative and qualitative methods to find an end.
Observational Study
Observational studies are defined as “An alternative to experimental studies. An observational study is sometimes termed a natural experiment. Instead of being randomized into one group or another to ensure statistical balance, subjects are classified …

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