Case study and analysis questions

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Case study and analysis questions

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Case Study and Analysis Questions
Case Study and Analysis Questions
Leigh should not be ready to change Aaron’s grade because he deserves the D having scored mostly Ds and occasional Cs. The grade further reflects Aaron’s lack of attention during classes as well as not bringing the required materials to the classroom. The grading system should be objective and should enable the reflection of the actual learner’s score in the key performance indicators. The extent of the objectivity of the grading system should be such that the teacher should not consider changing the grades due to the complaints from the students. An objective system should also allow the learners to be contented with their test scores without accusing the teachers of being biased (O’connor, 2017). A subjective grading mechanism may not only make the teachers bias against the learners but also lead to the manipulation through unjustified complaints from the students.
Leigh should prepare to handle the complaining student by explaining that she graded Dale and Aaron based on their efforts and not on their colors. The teacher ought to highlight that Dale’s positive attitude and extra effort in group discussion and classroom participation as the basis of the grade awarded. Similarly, she must also discuss Aaron’s weaknesses and the lack of participation in classroom activities. In conclusion, there is a need for a change in the grading system that is being used by Leigh and othe…

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