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Growth and development is a sensitive aspect for many people. There exist many factors that can influence the self-esteem confidence and general psychological well-being of a child. The case study involves thirteen-years-old adolescent suffering from depression stuttering is a very common problem for people. However, it is a problem that affects speech and has a high influence on the psychological well-being of, most children and even adults. The thirteen-year-old boy was suffering from stuttering which was affecting his speech and had to be referred to a speech specialist for therapy. The stuttering began when he was three years of age. He was also a bed wetter. Diagnosis identified that he was suffering from severe emotional problems characterized by sadness and moodiness. He grew to become anti-social and was very irritable at sometimes. The psychological issues affected his performance at school and led to the development of depression and also thoughts of suicide (Lajos, 2012, p.20).
From the assessment and management of the young patient, it was clear of the distress he was in. He was suffering from problems he had no control of, and he felt overwhelmed with all the attention he was receiving from his social awkwardness caused by his stuttering. The parents also seemed to have little understanding of the problems their son had and thus offered him little support. This was the “aha” moment because it represents…

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