Case 8.2 Google Creates Unique Culture

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Case 8.2 Google Creates Unique Culture

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Case 8.2 – Google Creates Unique Culture
Google has some of the strongest culture values a company can have. One of the factors that can make the company change its culture is lack of communication and employees at different levels acting as individuals instead of working as a team. Such actions introduce new personal cultures that may not comply with those of the company; this might affect performance negatively. Google’s unique culture is likely to help the company in the future. The culture challenges the employees and motivates them to grow from a personal perspective and also in regards to career goals, happy employees contribute positively to the company’s performance.
Some of the factors that are responsible for specific cultures within Google include thinking as teams and having “small company” values, the company’s culture has not changed despite the exponential growth it has experienced. Google makes decisions based on a team perspective; the company’s effective communication approach motivates this. People think differently and bring a wide range of ideas when trying to come up with solutions to various problems. However, to come up with the best decisions, these ideas have to be presented to the team, and the best approach is selected through a consensus.
Google’s implementation of a risk-taking culture might present more benefits than challenges. Most businesses experience success as a result of making calculated …

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