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Case Study One
From an initial look at Amber’s lifestyle and activity cycle, it is apparent that she is often subjected to above-average stress levels. As a chemical engineer, her routine is rife with stressful aspects, and this may have prompted her inclination towards athletic activities as a venting mechanism. These activities seem to be her preferred coping mechanism which she has developed and maintained over time. In aiding her path to recovery, questions which may be of relevance include; whether she is concerned with societal conformity, whether she feels the stress of work and what are her expectations in romantic relationships. Answering these questions will enable her to get a proper footing going forward.
Case Study Two
In Solomon’s case, it is evident that his is a problem of rejection and stigmatization. He is often turned down undeservedly and inexplicably which seems to weigh on his self-consciousness. In coping with this issue of conformity; Solomon has developed a trait of constantly smiling. Also, a generally friendly aura is about him. All these he does in an attempt at portraying a more welcoming and ‘employable’ image (McEwen et al. 1353). It is imperative to note that in assisting Solomon, the relevant and effective questions may include; whether he regrets his body art and if he has developed dislike for his towering physique, whether he appreciates the stigma and if he has developed other me…

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