Carr’s “Is Google Making Us Stupid”

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Carr’s “Is Google Making Us Stupid”

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Is Google Making Us Stupid
The internet is an important tool in our search for knowledge. Google and other search engines gives us an opportunity to find instant information about anything and, therefore, get almost instant knowledge on any topic. Critics have accused computers of making us dumber since they were developed. Nicholas Carr argues that by using the internet, we are becoming more superficial in our thinking. He adds that the internet gets the information replaced by knowledge and the efficiency – by contemplation. I believe, that Google, when used well, can make us smarter because we get creative in the ways we use it to find useful information.
Nicholas Carr, a contributor for the Atlantic, argues in the Atlantic Online article “Is Google Making Us Stupid” that the internet is affecting our thinking capacity. He makes the argument that reading books is way better than reading online because it is more thought provoking. He adds that reading online is changing the way we are thinking for the worst. Like other critics, he sees the web as a loss and not a gain. However, his criticism is superficial and completely misses the impact of the web. Although the internet is changing us, I believe it is for the better. Sherry Turkle, a contributor to The Chronicle Review, wrote in her article titled ‘How Computers Change the Way We Think,’ that through computer technology, students “…are learning new ways t…

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