Can you give me an attractive topic?

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Can you give me an attractive topic?

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Henry Thoreau writings
Henry Thoreau was an intuitive, creative writer; he drew his art by daily observation of his life occurrences. His works documented in a journal, with an entry of everyday occurrence (Thoreau 4). For instance, he recorded the entry of 1845 on a day they would celebrate independence. He said, “I want to go soon and live away by the pond, where I shall hear only the wind whispering among the reeds.” as indicated by (Harton para 10). In his journal entry of 2 September 1851, he documents that art was as a result of the combination of his physical, spiritual and intellectual energies. He is a strong promoter of nature and believes all elements in nature are harmonized.
Figurative Language
Figurative language is the kind of communication that seek to emphasize a point, to compare things or persons, objects or situation, and to make a point clear during an explanation. Six major facets of figurative language include; personification, simile, metaphor, synecdoche, puns, and hyperbole. Synecdoche is the use of a word to represent the actual meaning of whatever is being described. Similes compare things with others but unlike similes it does not use “as” or “like”. Hyperbole is a figurative language that shows exaggeration in a situation as shown in (Wiehardt, para 4). Personification is the giving of life to inanimate object or animals human characteristics. Puns are the use of humor in writing. In…

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