Cambodian Genocide

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Cambodian Genocide

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Cambodian Genocide

The genocide that happened in Cambodia led to the death of close to three million people; about 25 % f the population. The genocide was led by one Pol Pot. There have been differences of opinion whether it was a planned eradication of a community or whether it was just by chance. This paper focuses on some of the reasons that led to the genocide, the events that led to the atrocities that claimed the lives of so many people. Consideration is also given to the aftermath of the genocide and the effects that the genocide had on the population and especially the youth in Cambodia. The paper also looks at the reactions of the communities outside Cambodia to the genocide in Cambodia
Pol Pot was born the son of a peasant and he rose through the ranks and eventually became a very important leader in Khmer Rouge (Kiernan 341). The Khmer Rouge had planned to exert its influence in Cambodia through introducing institutional changes which would change the outlook of the whole society. They had plans to create an agrarian society based on ideals borrowed from Stalinism and Maoism, which was communist regimes that Pol Pot had served in and thus had experience (Kiernan 346). The problems began when the society was not as responsive to the idea as had been though by the Khmer Rouge and as such their reaction was to employ the use of force. Most Cambodians who had relocated to urban centers …

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