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Criminal Justice: Dennis Rader
Dennis Rader, who is famous for his BTK signature, is an American serial killer. He always used the Bind, Torture, Kill signature on his victims. Rader was apprehended on February 25th, 2005. Dennis Rader murdered ten people specifically in Sedgwick County, and every time he made sure he sent details of the murder to the police and media houses. The details would contain a description of how the murders were being executed. The fact that Rader gave detailed description of his crimes just shows how these crimes seemed to be achievements to him. The crimes were his greatest achievements and that’s why he was willing to share them. Denis Rader was not only a psychopath, but was also an active member of the church. He was the church’s council president at the time of his apprehension. Rader was extraordinarily ordinary, he could not be suspected. Just like other psychopaths, he had a good cover by wearing a mask of sanity. (Wezl et al. pg.145)
The theory that best explains Rader’s behavior is psychopathic personality theory. This theory explains that most of these criminals are able to act normal and live a double life, for example, they can have a family. The theory explains that such people have a low autonomic arousal, which means they do not get react. (Schmallger pg. 286) Rader showed this low autonomic arousal in the courtroom, where he showed no affection. Also, such people are sadists. I…

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