California In Home Supportive Services

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California In Home Supportive Services

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California In home Supportive Services

California In home Supportive Services
The following are the most potent threats to both internal and external validity of the project. One of them is instrumentation. The observed changes that will be seen as the pre-test can present different such as the administration and data collection. The observed data can be different from the ones that have been collected. The other threat is a regression. In this case, there is the tendency to have the pretest scores that reverts to the population so that the scores are not similar to those that are in the tables (Campbell, and Stanley, 2015). The scores can shift the main results. To avoid this threat, the research has to select the participants in a way that it does do not depend on the extreme performances on scores. Maturation is the other threat that the project is going to face. This is the threat to the main participants. It is possible that changes concerning the physical and mental values have a say in the evaluation of the results. Therefore, the longer the beginning of time, the greater the project is vulnerable to this threat. The best tip for this threat is to reduce the amount of time that is taken between the present and the post-test limits. When working with the children, it is also crucial to be mindful of them as they always go through changes. The other threat is the history of the in- homes supportive programs within California. The observed…

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