Cadenza in the Wrath of the Titans

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Cadenza in the Wrath of the Titans

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The cadenza in the Wrath of the Titans
For long, cadenza has been associated with scenarios in musical performance. In the Wrath of the Titans, cadenza was performed by the staring whereby he wins the fight showing might and special skills that other actors seem not to have. Introducing this movie on a different perspective, the staring uses cadenza to provide interaction in different levels of performance making it possible to like it for it looks like the last movie based on some unfounded Greek mythology. The interaction in performance was likely to make viewers get the dose of the Greek mythology plot after every plot, not considering Percy Jackson and his Sea of Monsters which seemed to have been a different take. The epitome of the interaction in the performance that succinctly created cadenza came when Perseus was calling upon Rosamund Pike. The scenes in these situations showed that cadenza was improving the performance of the actors especially, in relating the scenes to Greek mythology.
While cadenzas should be used on a regular basis to enhance performance and interactions of themes in either music performance or movie, it has to create harmony so that the overall plot of the performance is not hindered (Gauldin 23). In this movie, I noted that the integration of cadenza provided the needed theme and interaction of actors especia…

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