Buying on credit in 1920s America

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Buying on credit in 1920s America

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Buying on credit in 1920s America
Borrowing Money to buy stuff? Nah! What’s that all about?
Talking about the Credit System, and how its changed America
You wake up in the morning with the birds chirping a wonderful song. You get out of bed with the hope of a brighter, better day. The paper sings of times roaring with a boom in the economy, finance, and assets. You have food, shelter, and clean water. Your life, as the times of today, is roaring. Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially entered our roaring the twenties. And good news for the middle class: it seems to be their era.
A consumer economy
That is what the experts are calling the economy of today. Today, the population has been acquainted with appliances, electronics, and conveniences that seemed but a distant memory some years ago. The end of the war made it possible for us to concentrate on industrial and economical development and ushered in a new era of concepts that have been foreign to us till now.
The most profound impact has been on the middle class, for whom household work has been revolutionized. The rolling up, dragging and beating of carpets has been replaced by vacuum cleaners. Electric irons have reduced the time taken to heat the iron on the stove to smoothen out your clothes. Washing machines have saved housewives the trouble of washing clothes by hand in a tub. What is most exceptional is that it all has been made incredibly affordable for the middle class (, 2015).
Still, there are s…

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