Business Requirements

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Business Requirements

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Business Requirements
The online business portal will allow the company and its owners to sell and market all their service and products to wide clientele base (Choi, 2007). The company will be in a position of selling their products and services from the new stand-alone story building that will be constructed. The business is promising because of the low start up capital compared to contemporary businesses but will require similar commitment and work. The changing face of the business world requires more innovations and development of new systems. Most companies are shifting to the new changing business directions and encouraging the use of e-commerce and employing the use of information communicating technology. The use of e-commerce is different and desired because it allows minimal contact with the customers. This, therefore, requires them to have systems that are reliable and efficient to deliver the required outcomes. The use of e-commerce desires the use of computers and users who are aware of the technology. The computer systems are used to ensure full coverage of the trade processes that are required by both parties.
The management will, therefore, require studying the environment and providing systems that are suitable for the business operation. The system will need to be reliable for all the clients who will desire to purchase goods and services from the company. For the system to be effective,…

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