Business plan part 3

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Business plan part 3

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Business Plan Part 3
Business Plan Part 3
Company Products and Services
The main services that Forever Paws Company offers are the crematory services which allow the owner of the pet to have a piece of her/his pet as they go to the next lives. Other services include the funeral services that involve giving financial support to facilitate crematory. The company as well provides the cremation product and jewelry line to cherish every pet and not forgotten at all. Customers who seek the services from the Forever Paws find its comfortable in sending off their pets since the services observe ethics and compassionate. The customers as well undergo the limited level of financial struggles during the period of loss of the pet (Sahlman, 1997). The pet lovers are guaranteed of the best send-off that will bring them beautiful memories. They will find their pets comfortable in their next lives. The company has placed its position unique by offering cheap and personalized crematory services.
Location and Layout
The company is located Corpus Christi, Texas area which is a highly populated and a busy place with many pet lovers residing around as target customers. The high population is influenced by the low rental rates attracting many residents increasing the number of pets available (Sahlman, 1997). Following the high number of residents around the area, labor supply is affordable enough for hire.
The pet cremation is not complicated and may not require big sp…

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