Business Management Class Discussion Board Assignment

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Business Management Class Discussion Board Assignment

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Grapevine is an informal type of communication which is passed as gossip throughout the organization. Grapevine can either be communicated from the managers to the employees or from the employees aimed at reaching the managers. Generally, it is found at all levels of the organization. This type of communication is more effective compared to the formal form of communication since it travels quickly and it is more direct. As any type of communication, a grapevine can have positive outcomes or negative outcomes depending on the nature of the information being passed. Managers use grapevine to make the lower level employees understand some of the difficulties that the managers are facing. After getting the incite of the challenges hat the managers are facing, the employees provide solutions through getting involved. Similarly, the employees use grapevine to express how they feel about the organization or those managing it. It is worth noting that, although a large percentage of information travelling as grapevine is true, there might be some information which is not true.
Grapevine in the organization
In the organization, there were rumours that the head of our department was being promoted to general branch manager. According to some colleagues in the organization, the rumour started after an advertisement of the empty post of the branch general manager. The rumours said that some few days after the vacancy a…

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