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Business form

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Business form
A corporate business entity is perhaps the most advantageous method to start a business. Corporations often exist as a separate entity and have all the legitimate rights of an individual. Starting a coffee business in Colombia, Canada requires a strategic business registration and deciding on a corporate form of business will allow the owner of the coffee shop to operate freely without the interference from the company owners. Therefore, a corporation is a business enterprise that is operated as a separate entity from the owners who are generally referred to as the stakeholders. The paper describes the process of registering a corporate form of business in Colombia and some of the advantages that can be realized from running a coffee shop as a corporate form of business.
The procedure for registering a Hybrid coffee shop
The first step that will be necessary to register the coffee shop is to register for approval of the name. The name should be a foreign entity personal name in line with the existing jurisdictions. Once the name is approved, and after that reserved, you will be required to forward an online statement of registration through a Corporate Online (Eklund, 658). Your coffee business will be registered once you make some payment and eventually the business documents are sent by email. As the owner of the coffee shop, you are mandated to ensure that you keep all the documents to be part and parcel of the company�…

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