Business Continuity Management

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Business Continuity Management

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Business Continuity Management
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Business Continuity Management
Section 1
Differences between Business Continuity Planning and Risk Management Planning
Business continuity planning (BCP) is an important process which deals with recovery and prevention of all threats facing a company (Zwikael, 2007). Risk management planning (RMP) on the other hand is a process where a project manager foresees various uncertainties, indicate responses to different issues and make estimates to their impacts. BCP involves continuing with operations when a firm is faced with a certain disaster. It involves different aspects which include the process of recovery or relocation. This often happens when there is flooding, theft issues or natural disasters. During such instances, businesses relocate to other regions where they can recover from their misfortunes. An RMP helps the businesses in question to develop early estimates and define the responses that are required during uncertainties.
Zwikael (2011) confirms that risks are events which need to be curtailed before they impact a business’s operations negatively. It is vital to note that there are also other risks that are usually positive, and able to streamline or make changes to the operations of a business enterprise. Risks can occur in any business, hence the need for business managers to make plans that are vital to address them when they occur. Risk management planning is thus an important tool …

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